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 How to Vote 
Three ways to vote in Maryland 
Method One: Mail - in Ballot
Any registered voter in Maryland may vote by mail-in ballot. You don't need a reason to vote by mail-in ballot. If you have not already requested mail-in ballots for future elections, you must first fill out a mail-in ballot application. You can also get the application by texting VBM to 77788.

All registered voters may choose to be on a Permanent Mail-in Ballot List by checking the option “I would like to receive a mail-in ballot for all future federal and state elections.” on the mail-in ballot application. If you choose this option, you will not have to apply again for a mail-in ballot. Voters may ask to be removed from the Permanent Mail-in Ballot list at any time.

Return your voted ballot after signing and dating the Voter’s oath on the return envelope to one of the secure Ballot Drop boxes, by U.S. mail, or at your assigned precinct polling place on Election Day. More information at Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Method Two: Vote in person during Early Voting  
Early Voting Centers are open from 7am-8pm

Voters may go to any of 14 Early Voting Centers in Montgomery County during the early voting period and vote in person.  Public Transit is available to reach all 14 centers.

Same-day registration: Citizens who have not already registered to vote in Maryland may register for the first time, declare a party affiliation, and vote the same day, provided they bring identification, including proof of residency. Registered voters can also update their address or name at Early Voting, 
but cannot change their party affiliation. To find an early voting location, text EV and your ZIP code to 77788.

Method Three: Vote in person on Election Day at your assigned precinct polling place

IMPORTANT: Voters must go to their assigned precinct polling place to vote on Election Day or they will have to use a provisional ballot. Do not go to an Early Voting Center on Election Day unless it is your assigned precinct polling place. 

Same-day registration: Citizens who have not already registered to vote in Maryland may register for the first time, declare a party affiliation and vote the same day on Election Day, provided they bring identification.

Almost all problems you may encounter on Election Day can be resolved.  See Your Rights When You Vote - Derechos Del Votante.  You may need to vote a Provisional Ballot, which the Maryland State Board of Elections describes in a video on their website.


 Keep Your Voter Registration Up to Date 

Whether you vote by mail or in person, you should make sure that your registration is up to date. You can check your voter registration at Voter Lookup and update your address if necessary. If you are not registered to vote in Maryland, you may register online. Also see How Do I Register.
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