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These are the committees defined within League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, MD. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
The Agriculture Study committee focuses upon the activity of the county government that affects the Agricultural Reserve as well as state and Federal actions impacting agriculture such as the Census of Agriculture and the Farm Bill. This includes actions to preserve agricultural land such as the Transferrable Development Rights and the Building Lot Termination programs. Current topics include Agritourism, Rustic Roads, solar production and conservation practices. A fact sheet will be prepared and utilized to support Discussion Sessions for members and to update our consensus positions. Contact Chair: Margaret Chasson
The Civic Education Action Committee (CEAC) organizes civic education activities. The committee develops events and projects for Montgomery County educators, students, LWV members and the public. Contact Chair: Jenny Hess
Economic Development
The Economic Development study committee will continue to focus upon the activities called out in the recently adopted Strategic Plan for Economic Development in the county. A substantial number of grant programs were implemented and the committee will evaluate the impact of the grant recipients’ activity. The activity of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation will be monitored along with progress in developing a workforce pipeline. Development in the Eastern portion of the county will also be monitored. Contact Chair: Margaret Chasson
The Education Committee leads LWVMC efforts to support quality public education and equal educational opportunity in Montgomery County. The committee studies and monitors issues related to early childcare and education, Montgomery County Public Schools, and Montgomery College. Based on LWV public policy positions, we prepare testimony on the MCPS budget and other matters before the Montgomery County Board of Education and the County Council.
The Environmental Committee studies topics pertaining to environmental issues and advocates on the basis of LWV public policy positions on natural resources/environmental topics. Chair: Linda Siversmith/ Nina Silverberg
Health and Human Services
The Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee supports improvements in public health services and access to physical and mental health care for all Montgomery County residents. The committee develops public policy positions on health services, accessibility, prenatal care, health care for the homeless, mental health care, drug use and other health related issues. Contact Chair: Chris Hager
The Housing Committee focuses on housing in Montgomery County especially affordable housing, special needs housing, and fair housing and accommodations. The committee studies and supports policies and programs to increase the supply of affordable housing, prevent discrimination in housing and public accommodations, and meet the housing needs of those with special needs, especially the homeless. Contact Co-Chairs: Sally Roman and Stephenie Moczydlowski,
International Relations
The International Relations (IR) committee focuses on critical international issues and how they relate to US foreign policy. About every two years the committee selects an emerging international issue that reflects League concerns with the hardiness of democracy in the global arena; we then examine the role US foreign policy plays in shaping and responding to these issues. We share our findings with both League members and the public through Fact Sheets, Discussion Group presentations and by engaging expert speakers. Since March of 2023 IR members have been looking at India and the effect of Narendra Modi’s BJP government on democratic institutions and civil freedoms there. Additionally, from February through March each year IR hosts Great Decisions, the Foreign Policy Association’s forum for examining the eight most critical US foreign policy issues of the year. Contact chair:
Land Use and Transportation
The Land Use and Transportation Committee has a rich history of studies and public policy positions that support comprehensive long-range planning for Montgomery County and the Washington Metropolitan area that concern growth management, zoning, historic preservation, green infrastructure, and all forms of transportation. The committee closely monitors the progress of and advocates for improved public transportation, Ride On buses, MARC rail and Metro. Our land use arena focuses on the implementation of the elements of equity, growth, and changes to plans whether they be master plans, sector plans, subdivision staging policy, or zoning text amendments (ZTAs). Contact Chair: Bee Ditzler
Law Enforcement
Meeting Date 3rd Friday of the month Zoom - This study is a review and update of LWVMC positions on the system of law enforcement in Montgomery County that is directly involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing and punishing those who are suspected or convicted of criminal offenses - both while being detained and once released. The emphasis will be on policing policies in County. The committee proposes to hold Discussion Group sessions in the spring of 2024 to achieve consensus to update LWVMC’s current positions.
Making Democracy Work
The Making Democracy Work (MDW) Committee focuses on voting and elections primarily in Montgomery County since we are a local LWV. The committee prepares the Voters’ Guide and other publications about the voting process and our government. It studies reforms of the election process that are designed to make the process fairer and more equitable for all voters. The committee advocates for issues such as redistricting reform in Maryland, ranked choice voting for Montgomery County offices, and voting by mail.
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The Advocacy Committee identifies county issues that relate to LWV policies/positions and decides when it is appropriate to present testimony or advocate in other ways on those issues. Contact Chair: Joan Siegel ( and Amelia Brust (
Calendar Sales
The Calendar Committee is responsible for designing, ordering and sales distribution of a wall calendar every year and a pocket calendar every two years. These calendars are one of the ongoing fundraising events for LWVMC. The Calendar Committee places calendars in several retail outlets across the county and tracks sales and monies.
The Communications Committee is charged with coordinating the information that goes to LWV members and the public; it also oversees the Speakers Bureau, and public relations. The committee ensures that information on the website, social media, and the newsletter are synchronized so that messages are accurate and consistent. It also focuses on consistent policies regarding communications so that members and the public know what to expect. Claire Hacker
Election Services
The Election Services Committee is a group of LWV volunteers that can be called on when there is a community election to prepare for and carry out. These services are provided as a fundraiser for LWVMC. Election Services contracts with homeowners’ associations, communities, and condominiums to assist with their elections.
The Finance Committee is tasked with all the financial concerns of LWVMC. It oversees fundraising activities and evaluates the success of each effort. It also evaluates the financial health of the League, what we spend on each budget item and reducing costs when possible. Contact Linna Barnes
The Membership Committee works to attract, engage and maintain new and current members and volunteers. It contacts new members, encourages them to join an active committee or an upcoming activity and invites them to the next New Member Orientation. For any questions, please contact Shoshana Eisenberg or Diane Hibino at
LWVUS Lobby Corps
The LWVUS volunteer Lobby Corps is a group of dedicated volunteers who live within commuting distance of Capitol Hill and regularly lobby Congress under the direction of LWVUS Advocacy staff and Board. We usually meet once a month for a briefing about a current bill, based on established LWV positions, and are then responsible for arranging appointments with congressional staffers and reporting outcomes back to LWVUS and relevant state leagues. We educate Congressional staff about pending legislation, increase the League’s influence on Capitol Hill, and communicate the League’s positions. Recent priorities have focused on voting rights legislation, campaign finance reform, ratification of the ERA, DC statehood, climate and environmental legislation, immigration reform, gun safety, and access to health care. LWVMC members who are interested in joining should request an application form from Jackie Coolidge
Technology Committee Charge and Expectations LWVMC employs a range of “technology assets” to carry out its activities, such as (i) the Club Express website platform, (ii) other software owned or licensed by LWVMC for use by members in carrying out LWVMC’s activities, and (iii) computers and other hardware used in the League’s office and (iv) related licensing and technology support contracts. The Technology Committee is charged with coordinating and supporting LWVMC’s use of these technology assets. The Committee provides a forum for research and discussion of questions raised in the use of technology assets by LWVMC and makes recommendations to the Board when appropriate. The Technology Committee consults with LVWMC Committees and office staff on matters that relate to their responsibilities.

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